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Buddhi Session at the Mansion


San Diego, mark your calendars! The next yourBuddhi event is November 10th at the Mansion in La Jolla and this time Arthur Cadre is performing his famous yoga breakdancing.  Amanda and Carolina will be leading a vinyasa class and there will be live music, yummy drinks and giveaways. As a […]

Radio & Juliet

Do not ignore the airline magazines! I was reading the Delta magazine on my return flight Sunday and spotted this gem: the ballet Romeo & Juliet set entirely to music from Radiohead – Ballet Maribor’s Radio & Juliet, performing one night in Los Angeles (Saturday, 10/15/11). I quickly snagged tickets […]

as one year ends, another begins

I love the New Year.  I think the New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day combo is probably my favorite holiday of the year!  Between the fun parties with friends, countdowns, sparkles, and the feeling of fresh newness that January 1st brings, it’s the perfect end to the holiday season. 2010 was […]

Hip Hop Abs

It’s still way too cold to try and exercise outside here, so I decided to do another DVD as my workout for the day.  Today was Hip Hop Abs.   Shaun T directs you through 30 minutes of cardio dance moves designed to work your core. While I wasn’t nearly as […]

New York City Ballet Workout 2

There’s nothing I love more than the way I feel after a tough dance class.  It’s like someone waved a wand of serenity over me; I’m calm and happy, exhausted but somehow full of energy and totally satisfied. Ballet will always have a special place in my heart (it sounds […]

modern dance

All I want to do is stay curled up in my warm bed when my alarm goes off at 11 am.  I know it’s not very early, but I still go through the full list of excuses, arguing with myself about why I should and shouldn’t go to class.  It’s […]


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