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Weight Watchers’ Hungry is a Hit!


It seems like a lot of people are interested in the new Weight Watchers Momentum Hungry character!  There’s at least one comment on every blog that mentions him asking if Hungry will be available for sale.   I’m doing my best to find out and will post on here as soon as I do!

Weight Watchers Momentum

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  1. I emailed Weight Watchers about him, Here is what they said.
    Dear Sylvia,

    There has been a lot of excitement over the “Hungry” character in our Winter advertising campaign. This is great news! We think he’s cute too!

    While we are looking into possibilities of manufacturing “Hungry” for retail, we do not have any definitive information at this time. Keep checking our website and our newsletter for updates as any information about future production and availability of an official replica will be reported.

    Customer Service Associate
    Weight Watchers International, Inc.

  2. I too would Love a Hungry doll….he is the best Mascot out there right now, if not ever! I would also appreciate an update!


  3. I just saw the commercial and am happily shocked to see that Hungry is already been talked about and possibly going to be made for purchasing!!! hee hee!!! We are aweseome!! (and so is WW for their commercial and “new mascot”)

  4. my google search for the hungry doll brought me here. i want one just because its fun and its adorable. im glad to hear that ww is possibly producing one for retail sale and ill def buy one when they do

  5. He is the best monster since bugs bunny’s nightmare monster… love to know if they are going to market Him… Please let me know

  6. LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants a Hungry! He makes me laugh, he’s so cute!!!

    I hope WW brings one out for sale!

  7. I have GOT to get my hands on a Hungry! I suppose if enough people email WW they’ll get the message and put him out on the market Immediately!

  8. Annette – My husband is madly in love with “hungry.” Everytime the Weight Watchers commercial is on, he has to watch it no matter where he is — unusually because he mutes all other commercials. I would love to get one for his birthday in June.

  9. My boyfriend loves the “Hungry” commercials, and I would love to get him a “Hungry” doll… Let’s keep pressing Weight Watcher’s to manufacture the dolls so we can get him for our men :)

  10. My sister in law I go crazy when we see “Hungry”. We die laughing when he opens that pizzabox. I would buy a bunch of them if they market these. WE LOVE HUNGRY!!!

  11. I’d put my H. Ungree in the kitchen to remind me about my snacking habits! Would love to have the doll, so get on it WW!

  12. I really want a Hungry Doll, he is SO cute and he is a good reminder to not give into him! I would so buy it, countme in for at least one, it would make anice gift for some friends I know who would love him also!!!!!

  13. It looks like the monster from the old Bugs Bunny cartoon “Water, Water Everywhere.” Was it intended to be based on that character?

  14. I am in love with hungry, he is great. He really makes you laugh. I too would love to buy a hungry doll-he is great motivation!

  15. I am going to put in my vote for the manufacturing of the Hungry doll. He is absolutely adorable AND he would serve as a constant reminder, that our hunger, no matter how cute it is (or tempting), can’t make us stray from our weight loss goals. I don’t want him for anyone else, but myself. :P PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE manufacture him so the thousands of people who want to buy him, can. :D

  16. I just wanted to say the Hungry doll is a hit . So many people want one …please go ahead and start making and selling them…we would seel so many of them.

  17. I would LOVE a Hungry Doll! I’m seriously considering making one out of scratch just to see how he looks….

    WW, this would be my PRIME movtivation for losing weight! Just to see him staring at me, I’d be thinking to myself “No way am I gonna let Hungry win, I’m LOSING this weight!!!”

  18. Our little boy just asked for a Hungry guy for his birthday in two days. Please put me on the list He could just live in my pantry as reminder!

  19. Please put me on the list for Hungry! He’s adorable and everytime i see the commercial,i crack up with laughter. Hopefully someone will get him started since everyone wants one.

  20. Hungry is the best “spokes monster” I have seen, He is so cute, I would love to add him to my family because we do get “hungry” a lot so he could remind us not to give into him

  21. I though I was the only crazy human being totally crazy about this character… guess not!!! He’s awesome, I want one… or 10!!!

  22. Didnt realize so many other people wanted hungry, i cant wait to see one for sale. I would like to be put on that list, im sure once i’d bring it home the misses would make a comment that its not big enough to match my hunger hehe. cant wait!!

  23. Hungry is freaking awesome! I want a “Hungry” doll! Especially since it will be a usefull prop on the inside joke my friends have had for years! I want Hungry!

  24. I absolutely love Hungry (he reminds me a lot of ALF). I’d love to know who is trainer is and whether or not he’s a little big foot or just an orange dust bunny that’s come to life?

  25. One word about having a Hungry Doll available PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEE!!!! He is the cutest thing I have seen on TV in a long time, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love him or wouldn’t want one, when the tv his commercial comes on the tv at work everyone pays attention to him and laughs

  26. I want Hungry toooo! He looks exactly like the little monster that lives in my kitchen and brings out brownies in the middle of the night and stuffs them in my pie hole!

  27. Hey, I agree with everyone else…there has to be a Hungry available! I laugh everytime I see him on the WW spots. They also need to have him play the theme song when you squeeze his belly. The snack stash in the back isn’t a bad thought either. Let us know when he’s available! Thanks.

  28. Count my wife and I in on the Hungry wish list. By the way, the usual size of a plush doll is about 10″, and average price is $19.99.
    This would make it available and affordable to everybody that wanted one. Weight Watchers would make a lot of people happy and could even bring in those people who might be a little shy in joining up.

  29. I definitely want a hungry doll, please put me on the list. My girlfriend and I laugh every time we see WW’s commercial. He looks like Warner brothers “Gossamer” (Hairy Monster)

  30. Hungry is the coolest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WW needs to fire their marketing department if they don’t start producing Hungry’s SOON!!!!!!!

  31. I would love to have an actual Hungry Doll, I hear him growling in my husband’s stomach all the time, mine too sometimes! to see him would be really neat, Please have him available soon so I can see the moster who makes so much noise in our stomachs

  32. WOW I Thought about how cute Hungry is and that I would love to have one…I never thought this many people would be interested. Please keep me posted. I really want to buy a Hungry doll.

  33. My husband wants a Hungry doll, and I would love to get him one for his 50th. birthday. Please let me know where and when he becomes available, please. Thanks a million

  34. Hungry would be a great mascot for me, instead of reaching for the chocalate, I could reach for him to remind me not to give in, I know many people who are anixous to get a Hungry Doll of their own, it would be a great thing for Weight Watchers to sell, so many people love him, he is the best!

  35. WW is crazy if they don’t market this little guy… he could be a great motivational tool…. I have even thought about trying to sew one up myself… I love Hungry and really need him as a motivational tool to stay on track!

  36. The Hungry doll is actually going to be on the market…I just found out last week. The only thing is …it will only be about 6inches tall…I want a big one like on the commercials but….we are probably lucky to get the small version…They said that there will also be fridge magnets and keychains also. Cant wait.

  37. Husband wants this orange hairy thing…(it’s me who wants it). It’s about time there was a doll for grown-ups. Can’t wait!

  38. Are they going to do more commercials with Mr. Hungry? My wife and I love the two commercials and want more, but the campaign is obviously over since the expiration date on the commercial was March 14, 2009.

    Any news?





  40. I was told that our Weght watchers Store has them in magnets, key rings, and dolls, I am going down they tomorrow and see what is going on.

  41. Hungry is for sale at Weight Watchers locations now. You can get a 6 inch plush doll for $6.00 or a great fuzzy magnet for $4. He will go quickly so if you’re interested, get to a meeting location FAST!!!

  42. I would love to get my mother one. Every time a commercial comes on with him on it she laughs… she loves Hungry. I know they have Hungry magnets on ebay right now, but I would love to get her a plush doll

  43. Yes! I’ve been trying to find where they sell “hungry” doll. Every time I see the commercials, it just makes my day.
    One for me, my 3 sisters and my twin granddaughters.

  44. HUNGRY is here. Weight Watchers is selling them. I got mine from one of main locations in Nashville last Saturday. He is so cute….and evil (he is what I fight everyday, lol).

  45. I’ve been waiting like many for Weight Watcher to make this cutie available… and finally they have. Two days ago I was watching the local news and they had a segment on eating healthy when he eat out and they showed the Weight Watchers in Sacramento and right there behind the person they were interviewing was the little guy.. I quickly checked the internet and found them selling on Ebay, way over priced. Today I went to our local place and found them selling in two different sizes. A 2.5″ which is a magnet and a 6″ the magnet was $4. and the 6″ was $6… I just adore him, he’s so cute.. For all of you who want one check your local weight watchers………..

  46. I want one for my son so bad! I think my husband wants it more. I really need to know if one becomes available.( Even though he is a total rip off of the red hairy monster character from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. :P)
    I still love him! And I know my son would as well.

  47. you can count me in i would love to get the Hungry Doll ! me and Boyfriend love the commercial. Weight watchers would make a fortune if they manufactor them,

  48. I would like to get one for my wife she thinks he is very cute and we collect stuffed animals.
    Count me in for two of them

    1. Hello,

      Can you order these Hungry Monsters on line? I need desperately to get 2 of them.


  49. I would love to purchase 2 of these Fuzzy Hungry Monster Mascots from weight watchers. Can anyone out there tell me where I can order them?

  50. I can get them, the only thing they cost a little more at where I am getting them. Then where everyone else is getting them. The 6″ is $10.00 and the 2.5″ magnet is $5.00. You can email me

  51. I’m in. I love his eyebrows!! I’m not sure I want a magnet like Harley Gal describes. I was thinking more of a stuffed toy to put on my desk!


  53. At the WW stores …at least here in Atlanta, its $6 for regular hungry and $4 for magnetic hungry,,,,,I bought both….so cute

  54. conut me in – I think that he is adoreable – if you find out where you can get one let me know- please- thank you

  55. there are a lot of dolls available on e bay, craigs list and stuffed animal sites on the web…Otherwise you have to go to a weight watchers meeting to buy them. They come in a magnet, a four inch and a six inch.

  56. Thank you all for your hard work finding the hungry doll, just bought one on eBay for my husband!!! I have been looking for this for months!!!!

  57. OMG did they really pull them??? If so, I am really glad I bought 2 of them when the Philly-area meetings got them about 6 weeks ago (they were late getting them because they are franchise & not WW Int’l, they also charged more for them).

  58. I just got a message from Weight Watchers that there has been sewing needles in the hungry stuffed magnet and it has been recalled.

  59. my one dream is to own this adorable toy,,,everytime i look at it i wish i could one day own is my idol and it gives the strength to continue losing weight…

  60. To all – I know that Hungry plush dolls and magnets were released finally from Weight Watchers, but that they were all recalled for having pins in them. Since then, they are not making anymore. HOWEVER, I found a website of someone selling them – they are not Weight Watchers direct brand, but they are identical, adorable, and cheaper than the original! I ordered one and I love him! So motivational!! :) My daughter gets a kick out of him too! Let me know if anyone is interested in these!

    1. I would like to have a Hungry Doll, too. Would be a good reminder to watch what I am eating. What is the website of the person who makes them? Thanks.

  61. Well I went to the website and it’s under construction – I actually emailed her to ask why and she is updating everything because its getting such high demand that she is sprucing up the website!! Now, I do know that they will take Pay Pal payments. Her email address is Email requests for now I would say! :) Hope this helps!

  62. I have a real hungry doll! My mom makes them for $50. Which might seem like a lot, but compared to the ones being made he is outstanding! He is over a foot tall and looks IDENTICAL to the one on the commercial! He is super soft, made out of high quality fabric. If you interested check out weight watchers hungry dude monster in the houston craigslist. Or e-mail me,

  63. “hungry” is all my husband wants for christmans this year. please anyone who finds one PLEASE let me know where i can get one. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. My girl-friend wants a “Hungry-Doll”, and what Princess wants, Princess gets! (So she thinks! ha ha) I found out that weight watchers are not selling thier one-of-a-kind, on air only, never to be sold “Hungry-Doll”.

    1. I ordered one and loved him. He is huge compaired to the other ones out there. His arms even move. His fur is so soft. I love him!!!!!! He looks incredible!

    1. They’re sewn by hand, with high quality fabric, they are a foot tall with an arm span close to 2 feet, and it takes over 4 hours to make each one. I hope you have a wonderful day knowing that I purchased one and referred him to a friend who also purchased one and we both love them!

  65. My husband loves the new WW monster guy. He gets all excited and says, “YEAH!” when he comes on. It’s just too funny and too cute! I can’t wait to buy one for him!

    Please keep updating and let us know when we can!


  66. please make him i want to get one for my dad for his birthday to reamined him about his weight so he dosent get diabieties and we all think think he’s cute please it would mean a lot to me and my dad please make hungry so i can get him for my dad pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! please email me about it , if you make and sell him!

  67. I want hungry too. Been looking for him for a long time. Great to see so many others have been wanting him too maybe soon he’ll be a hot item.

  68. I want the weight watcher’s hungry character as many do. Please notify me asap if he becomes available for purchase. Would make a great christmas gift.

  69. Haha…awesome there is a whole community of fans that loves the Hunger Monster. I think he rocks and plan on getting one. My colleagues thought I was insane when I mentioned buying one. So I sent them this link. Additionally, I joked about e-mailing Weight Watchers to protest any unnecessary abuse or “harming” of the monster like some ad that puts him through a paper shredder. I end up rooting for him in the ads…=)

  70. I would like one about 8 inches tall. If anyone has a pattern, I could scale it down to fit my needs. I would definitely pay for a smaller version. I think Hungry would be a good motivator for me with my weight loss journey on Weight Watchers.

  71. I want to get a Hungry fo my wife. She has been a member of WW for a while and it is working. A very good program. That is why I want to get a Hungry for her.

  72. I have a cute Orange Hungry Monster doll and I tried to sell it on E-bay and they ended my listing because of the recall of needles in the doll however I don’t see any needles stuck in the cute plush Hungry monster, anyone know if there us still a recall? Alice R

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